Adaptive Nature of Norms

We're inspired by David Woods' Theory of Graceful Extensibility and have attempted to use it as a yardstick for measuring the long-term adaptability of systems. Here we apply the measure to the best aspects of Extreme Programming which we've described elsewhere as normative good.

Eric Dobbs has transcribed Woods' ten proto-theorems as wiki pages in a site where he preserves their numbered sequence, S1 to S10, as well as offering equivalent short names as page titles. See Graceful Extensibility

We'll first dissect an article I wrote several years ago when I was trying to relate how XP provides teams enough time to do good work. In this I attempted to show how a consensus of what is good could be elusive but not impossible to achieve. See XP and Normative Good

As an aid to navigation each section of my article will here become a page and each element of Woods' theory will be cited in their numeric form.