Endorsements Disabled

In 2015 we disabled the Agile Manifesto's endorsement workflow which has become a high volumn target for comment spam. The manifesto was hardly new and not in need of further endorsement.

Email went to the original authors who had agreed to a consensus process. There were no declining votes.

On Jun 3, 2015, at 11:48 AM, Ward Cunningham wrote:

> I'm thinking that endorsements have served a purpose but that the value for the effort diminishes yearly. I'm looking for a graceful way to discontinue it. Perhaps the original authors can offer some way for the public to participate in our journey. I could replace the existing endorsement form with a simple statement and a list of those sites. > I'm also happy to leave a shorter message and let agile's late arrivers find their own way to endorse the movement.

Eventually endorsements were gracefully discontinued with no message at all.

The translations of the manifesto involved an even more complicated workflow with teams of translators and reviewers. This joint project between the Agile Alliance and myself with the approval of the authors was discontinued shortly thereafter.

These changes made it possible to host the Agile Manifesto in Github pages where it rests today as a historical document.

Kudos to all who have contributed to the manifesto and especially to Dave Thomas who wrote the Ruby cgi that managed endorsements back when Ruby was new.